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Oil & Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Pipe Dogs Inc. canines are trained to detect an industry approved specialized chemical odorant (tracer scent) that is added into oil or gas pipelines.

Pipelines in the oil & gas industry can spring a leak anytime due to various reasons. However the pipeline is still the safest way to transfer hydrocarbons across large distances throughout North America.  As regulations increase, the oil & gas companies need new ways to show they are meeting those regulations.  Ask us about our maintenance programs.

Pipe Dogs can be used on any pipeline: flow lines, gathering lines, transmission pipelines, distribution pipelines, and refineries.

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Leak Detection

As more and more pipelines are being required to be hydrostatic tested, Pipe Dogs is a great way to minimize down time looking for a leak.  Don't wait till you know there is a leak, let Pipe Dogs add our scent and save you time, money, man hours and equipment.

After the pipeline has been pressurized for specified number of hours, the scent escapes the leak in a buried pipeline then migrates to the surface directly above the leak location .  24 hours later, the dog team then searches the right-of-way for the scent. When the dog locates the scent, the dog alerts with a scratch and dig response. LEAK HAS BEEN LOCATED!

The "Dog" NOSE best !!!

Pipe Dogs can also survey pipelines that are still in service.  Our injection team will determine the necessary amount of tracer scent needed and the dog teams can begin their work, giving the pipeline owners peace of mind their pipelines are not leaking. 

This method saves the oil & gas companies time, manpower, equipment usage, and money.

"Pinpointing leaks is what our dogs do best".

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Leak Detection during Hydrostatic Testing


Leak Detection on

In-Service Pipelines