Can a dog detect parts per billion (ppb)? 

Pipe Dogs Inc. is an oil & gas pipeline leak detection company that uses specially trained dogs to search out leaks.

Can the dogs work in the wind? 

Yes, Contact Richard Eckles directly for further details at;

Can the dogs work in areas where the ground is soaked due to heavy rains?

call: 844-Pipe-Dog

What is Pipe Dogs Inc? 

Yes, due to the makeup of our tracer scent, it is designed to separate from water and migrate to the surface directly above the leak.  

Does Pipe Dogs offer maintenance programs?

Can Pipe Dogs search pipelines that are in-service? 

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Every job has a minimum of 2 dogs.  More dogs can be added depending on the size and scope of the job.

No. Our dogs are trained with a proprietary scent (odorant) that is introduced into a pipeline through chemical injection of a line still inservice or mixed with water during hydrostatic testing. Once the scent has been introduced into the line, the line is then brought to test pressure allowing the scent to escape the leak location and migrate to the surface directly above the pipeline leak for the dogs to detect.

Yes.  Wind is our friend.  The dog team uses the wind to their advantage.

Are Pipe Dogs trained on mercaptans?

Yes, in-fact dogs are capable of detecting parts per trillion (ppt) making them an ideal choice for leak detection. Most leak detection technologies today detect parts per million (ppm).

Yes.  Pipe Dogs recently completed 7 miles of 10 inch natural gas line while still in service.  Dogs were able to locate 2 leaks within 4.5 hours.  Pipe Dogs also completed a 140 miles of 30 inch crude line while still in service.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Services

How many dogs are used on a job? 

The "Dog" NOSE best !!!

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